Learning to Sail My Ship

I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship. — Mary Louise Alcott

I’ve been fortunate to surround myself with amazing friends for most of my life. In the early days, I spent most of my time roller skating and listening to Andy Gibb records with Megan, Stacy and Katie. In junior high I biked to the mall and had sleepovers with Amy, Mary and Katie. Jodi and Julie turned up in high school (along with Mo, Julie B. and Val) and, lucky for me, never left.


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Problem Solved - How my blind spots keep me from finding solutions.

The latch on my back gate had not been working for a few months. Okay, maybe a year. The gate closed and opened just fine. It’s a little squeaky, but I kind of like being alerted to the comings and goings from anywhere in the house. The problem was that the latch no longer latched properly. If I really leaned on it hard, I could get the metal rod to engage with the hook part, and if I had both hands free, I could sometimes get it to latch. Which essentially meant that I hadn’t properly latched the back gate in months.

Not a huge problem. But an annoying one for sure.


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The benefits of self-employment and finding a snake in your living room

This morning I found a snake in my living room. Well, actually, I didn’t find it—my son’s dog Felix found it for me. I could tell something was not quite right when Felix kept sticking his nose between the window and the corner of the couch and then abruptly backed up and got ready to pounce.

After watching his odd behavior for about 30 seconds I went to investigate and saw an 18-inch long gopher snake behind the couch. Or maybe it was a garter snake. I don’t actually know. I just know it didn’t have a rattle.


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